Posted by: 03 Jul 2014

The Exit ” 

 September Quarterly Dinner with Prompt Alert 


Join us for an entertaining, interactive, and open discussion with Acetech Ontario member Jeremy Greven (CEO) and Jordan Shnier (CFO) from Prompt Alert.  Jeremy and Jordan successfully orchestrated the exit of their SAAS business to a $10B US publicly traded company.


Discussion Topics:

  1. CEO – CFO dynamics – It’s a marriage…Make the right cho
  2. ice
  3. Being self-aware is critical  – As a leader, do you truly know your strengths and weaknesses? From both a company and inner self perspective?
  4. Understanding your options in the financing process – Debt vs. Equity, How valuations range, Valuation should not be your only focus
  5. The decision to sell “How to know the time is now”
  6. The sale process and the emotional roller coaster that runs parallel
  7. Capitalizing on the “smoking hot” market conditions

The Quarterly Dinner will take place on Tuesday September 16th at The Spoke Club.  The presentation will begin at 5:15pm and will be immediately followed by cocktails, networking and dinner.  Invitations will be sent out in early August – make sure you register to attend.

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