Posted by: 25 Sep 2014

AceTech Ontario together with North of 41 are hosting this very interesting panel discussion on October 23rd.  Managing talent in your organization is a very difficult task.  In addition, Millennials are now a fast growing segment of the workforce and as such they change the dynamic of the workplace.  In this session we will be discussing the specific tactics you need to find, hire and motivate your more junior staff.


Questions the panel will be discussing include

·         Organizations now have to go further afield to find qualified people.  How do you form the necessary relationships internationally to enable you to recruit?

·         How do you attract qualified Developers?  And once they have been hired, how to you motivate and retain them?

·         What process do you need to put in place to ensure you have a quick turnaround from resume to offer?  And why is that so important?

·         What are “skinny resumes” and do you want them in your company?

·         What data can you use to help you select and hire without bias to ensure you are getting the best people?

·         What retention strategies do you have in place?  What gets them in the door isn’t necessarily what keeps them….do you know what you need to do?

·         How often should you being doing performance reviews and what type of reviews should you be doing?


Our highly experienced panel will discuss these issues and other issues.  AceTech Ontario members can attend for free.  Just go to https://n41acetech.eventbrite.com to register and input promotion code “AceTechright under the ticket information when you order your tickets.  We look forward to seeing you on October 23rd at 7:30am.


The Panel:



Steve Pezim, Managing Director, Bedford Consulting



1) Diane Dowsett, AVP Talent Management, LoyaltyOne

2) Cheryl Kerrigan, VP, Employee Success, Achievers

3) Josh Singer, President, Kognitive Marketing

4) David Lahey, CEO, Predictive Success and Author of “Predicting Success”

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