Posted by: 13 Sep 2013


Defining your Customer Experience with Intent

Too many companies today are spending much of their time solely focused on the features and functional of their products and services while they are leaving the overall customer experience (CX) – from onboarding to usage through to self-service to happenstance.    Brand Iconic companies such as Sony, Google and Apple treat their customer experience  as a strategic, architected, KPI-driven initiative.  And, iterative validation is executed prior to development and launch.

Learn how to make a big, positive increase on sales, drive product/service usage, decrease your customer service costs, and increase customer loyalty.  We will showcase for-your-eyes-only B2B and B2C case studies gleaned from inside knowledge from our work in driving and executing CX with such leaders in the field as:  AT&T Wireless, PerkinElmer (software), Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Purolator Courier Ltd.

Our session will dive deep into:

  • How to evaluate customer experience options, both short-term and long-term
  • Which CX methods support and drive the customer experience – including those with the highest ROI
  • How to deliver a consistent, relevant and contextual experience for your potential and current customers including omni-channel CX strategies.

Join Tara O’Doherty, Chief Experience Officer & Partner, XTM Inc. for this dynamic and interactive event.  This Power Session is open to our CEOs and our Sales and Marketing Roundtable members.  Register today to attend!

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