Power Session (May 10th)

Posted by: 01 Apr 2016

David Lloyd, President of IntelliResponse will be speaking on:

“So You Want to Sell Your Company? What’s Next?”

So you want to sell your company? Ok, so Google
hasn’t appeared with a $500 million dollar unsolicited bid for your
company but you’ve been seeing interest around your company and the
general space, what’s next? In this workshop I will cover the process
we went through from the discussion that led to the process, selection
of an investment banker through development of the circular, selection
of companies, due diligence and the share purchase agreement process. A
soup to nuts view from a company that believed the time was right to
reach into the market and drive a process. Given NDA’s we cannot share
specific deal information, but will be able to walk through the

David took over the reins at IntelliResponse in the
bowels of the recession. In 6 years IntelliResponse grew and pivoted
rapidly becoming a Deloittes Fast 50 & Fast 500 company in 2013
before their exit in 2014. Originally the CTO & VP Services, David
and the team grew a very early market stage company through traumatic
times with no funding to support them. Their machine learning based
virtual agent solution needed to get through the early
adopter/evangelist stage with major competitors including IBM, Oracle,
Creative Virtual and other well-funded organizations beginning to give
chase. They not only grew strongly during this period but added key
capabilities including analytics and prediction that ended up being key
to both their market differentiation and value to acquirers. In the
year after the acquisition they are accelerating, still without any
support growing sales by over 135%, revenue by 35% while driving
positive results to the bottom line. Previous to IntelliResponse David
was part of the three person team that turned around and sold a small
public company as well as being part of two successful exits in SaaS
based companies as CTO.

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