Posted by: 09 Jan 2014

Power Session: Getting Your Leadership Team To The Next Level: Determining who has the potential to grow, how to mentor them, and what to do with the rest.

Please join us for this Breakfast Power Session with Steve Pezim, Managing Director of The Bedford Group and Guy Beaudin, Senior Partner at RHR International. Breakfast will be served at 8am and the session will start promptly at 8:30am.

“Getting your leadership team to the next level: Determining who has potential to grow, How to mentor them and What to do with those who can’t”

No CEO can grow a company on their own – they need a team of competent people around them who can rise to the challenges of managing growth. Every CEO knows, however, that not everyone on their team has the potential to acquire the skills required to grow along with the company. How can you tell if someone has the potential to continue to develop and grow, and is therefore worth the time and effort to coach them along? How can you tell when someone has plateaued and you will therefore need a different strategy to help manage both their career expectations as well as filling the gaps so you don’t lose momentum?

These are questions with easy answers, but there are principles to help you know which of these two scenarios you are dealing with. Too many CEO’s comment that they often wait too long to make talent decisions on their team. This session will offer you some principles to help you make better decisions, as well as the opportunity to get advice from other CEOs at the roundtable to help you better manage your team as you grow the company.

This roundtable will be co-facilitated by Steven Pezim of Bedford Group, and Guy Beaudin, a Senior Partner at RHR International.

When: Friday January 17, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST
Bedford Consulting
145 Adelaide Street West
Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5H 4E5

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