Ron Dizy, CEO ENBALA Power Systems
When very small companies are in the position of wanting to sell to very large companies, it can be very challenging to get the attention of the big customer -- particularly if your solution is new and innovative. This is often precisely because the big company has learned to build immunities to traditional sales approaches. Yet most of these organizations still prize innovation, and do want to participate in an innovation community. The key is to find ways to participate in the community, earn trust and then be encouraged and even invited to become a supplier.

ENBALA, without deep experience in the power system, built a position of leadership in a new sector -- real time demand management -- by participating in the energy community. Learn how by earning trust first -- and limiting sales pitches to very specific opportunities -- ENBALA is now the leading vendor of its kind in North America.
Ron Dizy is the President and CEO of ENBALA Power Networks, a Smart Grid company that helps ISOs/RTOs balance the demand and supply fpr electricity by providing demand-side management services through a network of loads.

Industrial, commercial and municipal electricity users connect to the ENBALA Power Network and are paid for providing demand-side services to ISOs/RTOs, which can then more efficiently maintain a balanced grid while integrating renewable energy sources.

A veteran of the high-growth technology industry and an expert on the evolution of the power system, Ron focuses on the strategic direction, value and growth of ENBALA. ENBALA has developed a Smart Grid platform that encourages load participation in the management of the electric grid, providing a real-time solution to ISOs/RTOs without affecting the operations of the loads.

Ron has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree and a strong track record as a leader, consultant, investor and board member. He was a partner at Celtic House Venture Partners, a venture capital portfolio manager at the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and co-founded Altera Systems. He was recruited to the board of the Ontario Energy Association and elected vice-chair of the Corporate Partners Committee of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum.