Noam Tomczak


Acquisitions when done well can be an excellent way to grow both your top and bottom line. Success requires both careful planning and execution. Buying competitors can result in lower customer acquisition cost than your typical sales funnel. Additionally, margins in the target company can be vastly improved if you can integrate infrastructure and people successfully. I will share Iotum's 2 year journey of growth through 4 acquisitions and lessons learned.
As head of operations, all technical and customer-provision aspects of iotum's product development and report to Noam.
Noam has been a member of the iotum team since the beginning and has architected a number of patented technologies for iotum's web and switch platforms. Noam has has launched launched and grown many industry leading web and mobile applications in the conferencing space including Cauliflower and FreeConference. He has also played an integral role in Iotum’s growth over the past 3 years leading the integration of 4 acquisitions during that time.
An avid outdoorsman and true-blood Canuck, Noam can start a roaring campfire using only coffee grounds and his fingernail. He plays hockey.
Noam graduated as an Electrical Engineer from McGill University in Montreal.
Noam lives with his wife and children in Toronto.