Naren Arulrajah, President, EKWA Marketing
Learning Objectives

Paradigm Shift - You cannot manage a work at home business the same way you manage an on-premises business. What is fundamentally different? How should you think about this?

Why did this model itself became the most important competitive advantage for our business. What did it allow me to do as CEO / Founder?

Lessons learned:
- Recruitment and Retention.
- Motivation and Compensation.
- Middle management and Senior management.
- Managing Operations across multiple countries.

Where was the model successful? Where did it not work? Why? What did I learn?
- A review, function by function.

Is this model right for your business?
A step-by-step process on how to embrace the model effectively.
Moving from Sri Lanka at the age of 18 to Chicago for school was tough. Naren did not even know how he would pay for his university education beyond the 1st year. Success did not come without failure. Naren failed many times before he succeeded, but he firmly believes that the fun is in the journey. Naren was fired 4 times through the years, yet in the long run built two companies and several products which soared through good times and economic turmoil. Naren often recalls that “his greatest opportunities came from his worst failures.”

Naren started in the software industry as an intern in 1994, when the Internet was just getting underway. Even though he obtained a degree in Computer Science at the top of his graduating class from Illinois Institute of Technology, he realized his passion was in building products and businesses. Naren first honed his skills by working for others in both small and large companies - Insight Solutions, Amdocs, Xerox Connect, Trilogy Software, ActiveState and SolCorp. In 2002, when his eldest daughter was born, Naren made a decision – to become an entrepreneur.

Building a company with staff numbering more than 150, based around the world, learning the secrets of successful entrepreneurship, and dealing with some of the most sought after dentists in the US and UK was not served to Naren on a silver platter. He built his company without any outside financial backing or support and learned the secrets of being successful while starting from beyond rock bottom. Like anything else, there is a method to building triumphant businesses. As a serial entrepreneur who built and Ekwa Marketing and is now working on, Naren has learned lessons in both Internet marketing and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about sharing these lessons of success with others.

Ekwa Marketing strives to be by far the best search engine optimization and Internet marketing firm in the world for medical and dental professionals. Through Naren’s vision and insight, Ekwa Marketing elevates dental clients across the US, Canada, and the UK to the number one position on all major search engines.

Naren is a proud work at home father. He lives in Mississauga, Ontario with his wife and two beautiful daughters. He enjoys building lasting companies and helping others realize business success. Naren spends 20 hours or more a week learning and thinking. He gains knowledge from books and successful entrepreneurs, especially those who try to chart a different path.