Mark Miller


I wanted to speak to you about one of the things I look for in a leader: it’s the ability to be able to continue to learn. Businesses today are complicated – they can be global in nature, have consolidation going on – and needs are constantly changing. As well, customers are all expecting different things, including more interactivity with mobile application with their data or with your solutions.
All of these things are really complicated and figuring out how to navigate everything is a monumental task. It’s near impossible to figure it all out by yourself. You really need to learn from others. You need to read about different issues, connect online, find people and peers who are solving similar problems, and continue to learn. I think when a manager and a leader wants to learn, it sets a great example for everyone who works for them and anyone who works with them because that whole culture of learning gives the organization, whole team, and that company’s customers a real edge.
Mark has been with CSI, holding positions with us and our subsidiaries for well over 15 years. Mark currently spends the majority of his time as the Chief Executive Officer of Volaris Operating Group and Trapeze Group, but also acts as our Chief Operating Officer. Mark received a B.Sc. in Statistics and a B.Sc. in Mathematics from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. In addition, Mark has attended the Executive Marketing Program at the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario. Mark is also on the Board of Directors of Medgate Inc. and pVelocity Inc., two private software companies both headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.