Mark Miller


Someone asked Mark recently what keeps him up at night. Expecting to hear him cite financial metrics or future projections of growth, they were surprised when his answer was “managing talent effectively.” They responded: "But you are the CEO. Why would you worry about that? Isn't that HR's job?" For Mark, it's quite simple. "The people factor” is the most important thing he worries about. As CEO Mark spends much more than 50% of his time participating in annual talent reviews of our senior management across our companies and ensuring processes are in place to identify and develop next-generation leadership.

His people are Volaris' competitive advantage. Innovation, creativity, and the ongoing success of their organizations overall truly depends on them. It’s people that deliver the killer ideas. It’s people that are on the front lines with customers. And it’s people that are our brands. This is why Volaris spends so much time making sure the right people are in the right positions across their companies. And it’s also why Mark spends so much time focused on it. Without this focus, Mark would likely not sleep at all.
Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of Volaris Group and Trapeze Group as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Constellation Software Inc. He leverages his passion for vertical technologies and talent management in his primary role at Volaris Group. Volaris Group acquires, strengthens and grows vertical market technology companies. They develop our companies through the sharing of best practices and a variety of organic measures such as initiatives and product development.