Mark Jaine, CEO Intelex Technologies
Ensuring productivity, boosting retention, attracting star talent and reducing absenteeism is easier than you think if you have an awesome company culture. But it’s essential to ensure that the workplace in an engaging, rewarding environment that fosters camaraderie, trust and fun. Intelex has received a cascade of accolades for workplace culture in recent years, and was one of 6 companies in Canada (alongside Google) to receive the Great Place To Work Camaraderie Reward for stellar employee engagement. But it’s taken a lot of work to build the foundation for this culture. Learn from Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine for key tips on how to build an awesome company culture.
Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine might be the best example of how the company nurtures talent and rewards dedication and success. Mark joined Intelex in 1998 as a sales representative with a professional background in online sales, and an educational background in business and administration.

He helped design and launch the solution as a web-based platform in 1999, setting the stage for incredible corporate growth that has lasted for almost a decade. He pioneered the ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 support groups, a worldwide team of over 3,000 quality and environment professionals working to share industry best practices, and also helped conceive of and develop Intelex’s revolutionary iForm® application, an industry first and Intelex’s most successful and highest-grossing product.

With a strong belief in the limitless possibilities of web-based software, Mark has worked to encourage collaboration and has worked relentlessly to offer new and innovative solutions while maintaining an unparalleled commitment to client service and support.

From the beginning of his career at Intelex, Mark began landing some of the company’s biggest early clients, effectively cultivating a remarkable financial turnaround for the company and igniting a decade of meteoric success. Intelex founder Ted Grunau promptly recognized Mark’s talent, drive and ambition and by 2004 named him Executive Vice President. Two years later, after a period of exceptional growth, he was promoted to President and, in early 2009 Mark was promoted to President and CEO.