Mark Jaine, President & CEO, Intelex
These days, business media seem obsessed with venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and takeovers. So what ever happened to organic growth? There’s a trove of success stories among the often-unheralded companies that are debt-free, profitable, privately owned, and successful as a result of years of hard work and perseverance – not big loans and acquisitions. This presentation will review a case study of how Intelex grew from < $1M in Revenue to many $10’s of millions in revenue without any external investment or debt.[/textarea]
Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine joined Intelex as a salesperson in 1999 and escalated steadily through the ranks to become Executive Vice President in 2003 and then President and CEO in 2006. Through his time with the company, he’s pursued an agenda of aggressive growth, achieving an average of 45% annual revenue growth over the last decade. Intelex regularly ranks on Deloitte’s list of the 500 fastest growing tech companies in North America, as well as the list of the 50 fastest growing companies in Canada. In addition, Intelex has achieved an array of accolades for workplace culture, employee engagement and business growth. Named on Canada’s best place to work list 2013 for the second year in a row by the Great Place to Work Institute and Toronto’s third best workplace 2013 by The Toronto Star, Intelex continues to be named one of Canada’s most exceptional places to work. Mark has made fostering a progressive, fun workplace culture a cornerstone of his mandate, alongside becoming a global market leader in EHS, Quality and GRC management and pioneering an advanced digital marketing and lead generation model to help drive international success.