Kristy Sadler, VP, Global Marketing at Intelex Technologies

Galvanizing Your Users, Growing Your Business: The Viral Effects of an Inspiring User Conference

While at first blush a User Conference might seem like a simple yes or no proposition, something that has more to do with the size you are at than the value you might gain from it, the decision to host and effectively execute an exceptional User Conference can have an incredible impact on your business.

A User Conference is a forum for your customers to collaborate. A place where they upsell each other without you even being part of the conversation. It`s a unique opportunity for you to inspire and excite them with what is on the horizon and for their fellow users to show off the unique ways they are leveraging your technology. The connections that are made at a User Conference last well beyond the conference itself, it`s a breeding ground for smaller regional and industry user groups. Done well, a User Conference is the cornerstone of your retention marketing strategy, it delivers upsell revenue, stickiness and brings you closer to your customers than you could have imagined.

In this talk we`ll cover not only what it takes to put on a great User Conference but how to structure that conference so it has positive long term impacts for your business. The audience will hear how the Intelex User Conference initially hosted just 70 clients and has grown to over 230 clients, 5 sponsors and 19 speakers in just five years.
Kristy Sadler is the VP of Global Marketing at Intelex Technologies. A seasoned tech marketer and veteran of the conference industry, Kristy has overseen the marketing of over 400 conferences including all of the User Conferences that Intelex has hosted.