Krista LaRiviere, Co-founder & CEO, GShift Labs
The lines between paid, owned and earned media are quickly vanishing. Brands are now publishers and content consumers interact with your web presence from countless devices.

CEOs and marketers need to feel confident that their brand is being discovered in both search and social at the appropriate stages of the buying cycle. They need to understand that an outsourced agency is indeed adding long-term value to the web presence asset in both search and social regardless of device.

In this session, attendees will gain insight into:

• Why search behavior is impacting your brand’s discoverability
• How to take Keyword KlustersTM into consideration to drive decisions in the content creation process while addressing Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update
• How to use modern content marketing engagement and performance metrics to benchmark, measure and report on progress.
• Why it’s not about ‘more’ content, but ‘smarter’ content, how to optimize your current inventory of content and create consumable content that your audience wants today.
Krista LaRiviere is the Cofounder & CEO of gShift, a Web Presence Analytics platform for brands and agencies. Founded in 2009, gShift plays at the data intersection of search, social and mobile, providing a unique data set that helps inform the content marketing workflow process for enhanced discoverability of a brand throughout a prospect’s buying cycle. gShift’s 350 clients in 22 countries use the platform to monitor 10,000+ web presences on a daily basis.