Denise Roy


The technology space is a different beast than its older, more lumbering counterparts on the Canadian business spectrum. It moves at a more accelerated pace of change, with a more diverse set of employee players to contend with. The Human Resources team of any technology organization needs to be equally paired in its pace, style and practices. This session will speak to the Best practices for effectively activating your human resources function. Topics will include:

- The right time to make it official: when to hire a Human Resources leader.
- Hire Right, why agencies are old school: Best practice strategy for the most cost efficient and effective talent acquisition strategy out there.
- How to govern: why throwing the policy book out the window is the right thing to do.
- Chasing Trends: Debunking the myth that newer is always better.

And more.
Denise Roy is a Human Resources professional with 18 years of progressive experience in strategic HR leadership, and proven success in partnering with business leaders to optimize organizational effectiveness. Proficient in designing, implementing and managing effective policies, programs, and processes for national organizations.