David Lahey, President and Founder of Predictive Success

Who Builds the Future of Leadership?

In order to design and navigate future growth and organizational change, it is crucial that strategic CEOs take ownership and accountability for leadership development, manage effective and seamless leadership transitions, and build solid and sustainable succession plans.
In this highly interactive session, Dave will highlight the value in understanding leadership competencies as critical levers in producing meaningful leadership at all levels of the organization. Uncovering leadership competencies at each stage helps leaders guide direction, develop measureable objectives, distinguish the organizational brand, and integrate management practices. Dave will explore the strategic process of using data to manage and support seamless transitions at each level of the organization. Dave will review transitions from individual contributor to leader of others, to leader of leaders, to functional leaders and ultimately to the business leader, who is focused on developing and executing business strategy for the overall profit of the organization. In the discussion of transitions, Dave will highlight the importance of a solid succession plan that identifies, develops and prepares successors for key executive roles. Leaders will learn to continually reexamine the business units, processes and systems to establish a defined process for evaluating, developing and retaining talent.
David, the founder of Predictive Success, is an MBA graduate from Queen’s University. David has been a certified Predictive Index®(PI®) Analyst since 1988. David received his training by our Boston office as a certified PI Facilitator and has been a worldwide leader in PI Worldwide for several years. David also holds several Masters Graduate Certificates including; Adult Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education from OISE/University of Toronto and a Masters Leadership Certificate from Babson College in Wellesley, MA. David graduated from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY with a BA (Honours), where he captained the NCAA Varsity Hockey team. David recently published his third text, “Predicting Success,” published by Wiley publishing.
David’s experience growing people and business units has included dramatic client success as an Enterprise Global Manager, Financial Services at Microsoft in Seattle, WA and Toronto, ON. Seven years ago, David left Microsoft as a member of the Microsoft President’s Club and their Circle of Excellence for North America to found Predictive Success. In 2013, Predictive Success was awarded by Profit Magazine Profit 500 Award for the fastest growing new companies for five year growth.

The Toronto Globe & Mail, Vancouver Provence, CBC Radio, Calgary Herald, Star Phoenix and Financial Post have featured David’s work and insights, specifically discussing best hiring practices, the “thin resume solution,” and creating entrepreneurial teams. David has delivered many guest lectures for; Ryerson University MBA classes, Queen’s University MBA classes, HRPA, and BCHRA.

Pro bono volunteer work has included great causes like; Princess Margaret Hospital, the Circle of Champions board for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Canada and the Canadian Breast Cancer Association. David’s client list includes; Bell, Bell Mobility, HBC, PCL Constructors, CIBC, RBC, Google, Oxford University Press, Nelson, Thomson Reuters, Colliers, City of Toronto, Domtar, (BDC) Business Development Bank, Microsoft, John Wiley & Sons Ltd Worldwide, Salesforce.com, Siemens and the University of Toronto Medical School.