Dave Millier, CEO of Uzado

Selling to a Shark

I recently sold my company, Sentry Metrics, to Robert Herjavec of The Herjavec Group. My topic would cover the process I went through leading up to the sale, the process of negotiating with a “shark”, the end results, and how Uzado came in to being. I’ll talk about the many lessons learned, and the lessons I’m still learning now post-acquisition. I’ll talk about planning for transition, what an actual transition looked like in my case (very different from my expectations), customer reactions, employee reactions, etc.
I’ve been a serial entrepreneur all of my life, and have bought and sold numerous businesses during my career. I currently own three technology companies, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge around starting a business, bootstrapping a new company, running and growing a successful business off your cashflows and being constantly underfunded, and have had lots of failures and successes I can talk about that have allowed me to get to where I am today.