Daneal Charney


We’ve all met well-meaning jerks who are often right and almost always believe they have the organization’s best interest at heart but leave a trail of human carnage behind them. Brilliant Jerks cause distress, trigger turnover and sick leaves and tarnish your brand reputation. The stakes can get higher, when the board gets involved, when investors don’t want to deal with you, or when a nasty termination escalates to a human rights case. You may want to retain the stellar developer, designer or product manager, but at what cost? As the leader of your organization, what should you do with these brilliant jerks?
Daneal is a sought out Human Resource business leader to tech founders and leadership teams. She has provided stage-appropriate HR solutions to many of GTA’s software starts ups over the past 10 years. Most recently she was the head of HR for NexJ Systems where she built an impressive employer brand, positively impacting retention and the creating internal employee ambassadors. She was a finalist in the category of the Best Employment Branding at the Canadian HR Awards 2016.

Daneal is a thought leader on progressive HR practices. Here articles have been featured in the Globe & Mail’s Careers section, Metro News and The Canadian Learning Journal. Daneal is also the co-author of a career survival guide for millennials. "Hitting Stryde is a must read for an Millennials as they enter the workforce." - David Stein, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Leaders Fund. She is a speaker & moderator at forums including HRPA Conferences, Achiever’s Customer Experience Conference, Orion Summit hosted at MaRS, IMPACT99, MaRs Entrepreneurship 101 series, AceTech Roundtables, to name a few.