AceTech Ontario is a non –profit organization dedicated to providing programs and opportunities for CEO/COO and their senior executives to share experiences, learn and network with a close-knit carefully qualified group of like-minded peers. AceTech Ontario members come from growth oriented, IP-based technology companies and want to develop their leadership skills and drive their company’s success.

Through our Annual Retreat, Roundtables and Networking Dinners, AceTech Ontario is an on-going opportunity to connect with the best and the brightest stars in the technology field. Because of the annual, all-inclusive membership, the group is close knit and extremely involved. If you are committed to improving your performance as an executive and leader, participation in AceTech Ontario will provide the highest level of learning and growth. It delivers what is, for many of our members, a profound experience.


One of the primary attractions of AceTech Ontario are the roundtables. Each roundtable consists of either 6-12 CEOs or COOs who meet monthly to discuss operational challenges and opportunities. Imagine having your own trusted group of peer advisors, who have tackled many of the problems you are currently struggling with, that can lend advice and counsel. These are proven CEOs/COOs in the same industry, so they already have a basic understanding of your business and can provide relevant advice. The main goal of these meetings is to learn from each other. Key benefits include:

• Tactic and strategy sharing for improved sales, marketing, product development, HR, legal, customer success and finance execution from your peers
• A confidential peer group of other CEOs or COOs to share trials and tribulations with
• The chance to create a community of accomplished, like-minded CEOs/COOs that have a keen interest in each other’s personal, professional and business success

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Also included with the CEO or COO membership, at no additional cost, is the Annual Retreat. This is not an ordinary corporate retreat where attendees simply listen to keynotes delivering presentations. This is an innovative leadership training program that requires each member’s participation and engagement.

AceTech Ontario members walk away from each annual retreat with tools and strategies that can be put into action in each member’s company the very next day. We make sure to tap into the expertise of CEOs & COOs that have had real successes and can share practical tips from the front lines with our members.

Every retreat is a total immersion into the core of how technology businesses work and how these core principals can be put to use in every AceTech Ontario member’s company. From advanced business concepts to everyday work problems, the Annual Retreat empowers the CEO/COO from next day back at work, and through the next several years of career success.
Membership includes 3 Networking Dinners per year, offering technology CEOs/COOs the opportunity to network, socialize and touch base with AceTech Ontario members from other roundtables and discuss ongoing challenges among CEO & COO peers. In addition, one of the Executive Roundtable Groups is invited to each of the dinners, to give each AceTech Member on your Executive Team a chance to experience one of these with you each year.

The Networking Dinners offer members the chance to come together, reconnect, build acquaintances, and tap into the vast wealth of experience and solutions that the membership has to offer. These evenings begin with networking over cocktails, which provides everyone with an opportunity to meet new members or reconnect with existing ones. Following cocktails, dinner is served and conversations continue over fabulous food selections. Each dinner also highlights a dynamic guest speaker who is sure to challenge the thinking of each member while providing real-world solutions to everyday issues.
We include with your membership at least two 2-hour Lunch Sessions, held in the Downtown Core, which allow you to fit learning and development right into your busy work day. AceTech Ontario surveys its members to find out which issues are currently affecting them, and assembles the appropriate experts for a panel session to help you learn from the best and put the answers to use immediately. Whether it is raising money, or compensating your sales people in this dynamic environment, tell us what you want to know and we can design a power session to address your questions and topics of interest. Your Executive Team Members will also be invited to these when the topic is relevant to them, enabling you to both attend and work together back at the office to implement your learnings.