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BioConnect is a Toronto-based market leader in enterprise-level biometric hardware and software solutions. Founded in 2009, they were an early innovator in the biometrics space, which continues to grow rapidly as it becomes well-integrated into consumer-based products like smartphones. BioConnect’s innovative systems enable users to verify their identity using multiple biometrics such as voice, eye, face, and fingerprint verification. Businesses that leverage the BioConnect platform can identify and authenticate their personnel with extraordinary accuracy and convenience. As an innovative technology-driven firm, BioConnect is focused on growth and customer acquisition. Since being founded, its skilled management team has devoted significant time and financial resources to product innovation, hiring, training, and export market development projects. These strategic projects have led to considerable growth, and have also helped BioConnect to reach the 2017 Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) Top 20 innovative companies list. One of the strategies BioConnect uses to fuel its growth is accessing Canadian government funding. In 2014, they began working with Mentor Works Ltd., a management consulting firm, to develop and implement a government funding plan tailored to their upcoming strategic projects. To date, BioConnect has leveraged millions of dollars in government funding and will continue to use this strategy to […]

A Roundtable Discussion with Top Tech CEOs By: Steven Pezim Managing Director of Bedford Group TRANSEARCH   Culture is the DNA of every organization. It is the collective personality of a company; the essence of who and what the company is. To understand how important culture truly is, if you look at the most successful tech companies in the world, such as Apple, Google and Amazon, you’ll see their unique respective cultures has empowered them to attract and retain top talent. As a CEO, you need to be the driving force behind your organization’s culture. For all intents and purposes, being CEO means you are also the Chief Culture Officer.  Everything you say and every action you take will underscore and set the culture of your organization. So what are tech CEOs doing to create and develop dynamic and innovative cultures? I had the opportunity to speak with AceTech Ontario member CEOs and ask them engaging poignant questions about their company cultures. What follows are the culture stories of 360insights Founder & CEO Jason Atkins and Nudge Rewards Co-Founders Lindsey Goodchild (CEO) and Dessy Daskalov (CTO).   Steven’s Question # 1: Describe the culture of your organization and how it […]

How to structure your company’s workforce as you grow your business is an ongoing challenge. Broadly speaking, companies can either hire employees or engage individuals (or their personal services corporations) as independent contractors. There are many reasons as to why a company might choose to engage in the services of an independent contractor rather than hire someone as an employee. These include: Limiting workforce headcount. Reducing required deductions, withholdings and payroll levies that would otherwise apply to employment income. Fewer applicable regulations and fewer administrative obligations. As a result, it’s understandable that companies often come to think that it is preferable or “easier” to engage a worker as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee. However, there are significant differences in the eyes of the law about the characterization of a worker as an employee as compared to an independent contractor and the labels that the parties have chosen for themselves are not always determinative. Indeed, there are many reported cases where adjudicators look to the true nature of the relationship, rather than its form, when classifying a worker for either tax purposes or employment-related claims. The relevant factors that an adjudicator will consider include whether the worker provides […]

Executive Search Expert Steven Pezim Explains the Secrets to Recruiting Top Talent   Whether you’re a rookie or veteran tech executive, having the right leadership team is the difference between being stuck on first base or hitting home runs.   So how do you attract and retain the right executives? Here are some key steps I have learned in my 30 years managing executive searches for tech companies:   Hire an Experienced Search Firm Can you dedicate an average of 300 hours and several staff to recruit the CFO you need? If you’re a start-up, do you have the experience and capacity to build a solid leadership team straight out of the gate? Then don’t waste precious time and resources. This is a multi-million dollar decision. The cost of an executive mis-hire is up to 30 times compensation. Focus on what you do best and hire professionals to find your key executives.   Scout the Competition & Their Talent To start, you need a Talent Management expert to scout your competition.  For example, we’re working with a tech firm that needs to triple in size in the next five years. We are analyzing their competitors in Europe and North America. That means building profiles on individuals in 100 companies, investigating their respective skills, experience and accomplishments, and culture fit, as well as looking at how these companies […]