Name / Company Area of Expertise
Andy Aicklen

Aicklen & Associates

Andy has spent his entire career in tech sales and sales leadership. He has worked at the largest (Oracle, PeopleSoft & HP) and the smallest (his own firm as well as several startups) and loves the Art of the Sale. He enjoys applying all he has learned (and is learning) to the challenges of fast growing tech companies across Canada and the US. He works closely with  CEOs primarily with their sales challenges  but is also a coach and mentor to a variety of senior leaders. He recently began teaching Sales 101 as well as Advanced Sales Management to startup entrepreneurs at the Ryerson DMZ (Digital Media Zone).
Bruce Bishop
Bruce Bishop

Bruce Bishop Consulting

Bruce is an experienced financial executive with over 35 years of experience. He has helped many software and hardware companies through multiple rounds of financing and growth through to successful exits.  His ability to help scale a company and aid management teams to concentrate on the strategic initiatives that lead to strong revenue and EBITDA growth.  He combines his accounting, finance and strategic experience to help companies grow and prosper.
Ron Duke
Ron Duke

Arlene Dickinson Group of Companies

Ron Duke is CFO for the Arlene Dickinson Group of Companies. Ron is bottom-line focused, with a proven track record of creating shareholder value, building a scalable platform for profitable growth, integrating business, achieving operating efficiencies, and steering IT development.
Karen Grant
Karen Grant

Angel One Investor Network

Karen Grant has launched three angel groups: Toronto Angel Group in 2001, Northern Ontario Angels in 2005 and Angel One Investor Network in 2011. She is an entrepreneur, company director, consultant, and mentor. She has founded companies, launched investment funds and has worked in the commercialization field.
Jon Hamovitch
Jonathan Hamovitch


Jonathan Hamovitch is a senior global human resources leader, with over 35 years of experience in all areas of HR and talent management, and a background in multiple sectors (Technology, Media, Software, Energy, Marketing Services, Consulting and Retail). He focuses on recruiting, building and engaging the best talent in the technology industry. He is accomplished in all organizational lifecycles – from very large, mature and complex organizations to innovative, creative start-ups, public and private, domestic and international.
Brian Hartlan
Brian Hartlan

Blueprint Systems

Brian is a senior marketing executive with over 35 years’ experience in the software industry. Previously he held senior marketing roles for various privately held and public software companies including Varicent, Infor, Geac and Comshare. His entire career has been dedicated to bringing enterprise software solutions to the market.
Susan Hutt
Susan Hutt

Susan Hutt & Associates

Susan has 30 years of operational experience working with some of North America’s most successful software companies. She has held Executive positions in both Services and Development and has a track record of growing and optimizing service delivery to stay ahead of the competition and meet the ever changing needs of the market and customers.  She has worked with both small software companies in their high growth stage and large global companies.  Susan is a change agent and specializes in high growth and entering new markets.
Kevin Kimsa (Good)
Kevin Kimsa

Audience View Ticketing

Although Kevin has a recognized history of the creation of new ventures, he has a surprising passion for effective and efficient operational management of said ventures, ensuring the proper scalability and predictability of business growth.
Mark Macleod
Mark MacLeod

SurePath Capital Partners

Since 1999 Mark MacLeod has been helping fund, grow and exit venture-backed start-ups. He has over 14 years experience as a CFO for leading companies such as FreshBooks, Shopify, Tungle and many others. He also spent 3 years as a General Partner at Real Ventures, Canada’s largest and most active seed stage venture fund.
Peter Smith
Pete Smith

The Meaford Group

Throughout his 36 year tech career, Pete Smith has developed a broad skill set rarely fund in one individual. He has led both sales and professional services organizations and is equally comfortable straddling the line between these two groups who often find themselves challenged to work together. As a Corporate Director and CEO coach, Pete assists his clients in developing vision and strategy as well as the discipline to execute.
Shirley Speakman
Shirley Speakman

Cycle Capital

As a veteran Canadian VC investor, Shirley can shed some light on what drives a VC and how to get the most from your VC. Shirley is a Partner at Cycle Capital, and was the Director of Investments for the MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), a $40M+ venture capital fund established by the Ontario Government to invest in seed and early stage technology oriented companies based in Ontario.
Tom Turchet
Tom Turchet

Corporate Advisor, Executive in Residence

Spending time with Tom will help you learn how to start, manage and run a world class sales organization that is focused on delivering value to the customer. Tom has run a $1 billion business for IBM encompassing all operations of an entity. Tom can bring discipline and rigour to young businesses who are starting to grow exponentially.
David Wilson
David Wilson

Terralegal PC 

David Wilson is an experienced legal, business advisor and Board member providing guidance to senior managers and boards on a full range of commercial matters and on matters of governance. With over 30 years of experience in commercial and employment matters, M&A, corporate governance, investigations and general business, David has worked both with small companies in growth state, through liquidity events, and has worked with multinational corporations globally.